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VLBO NFT Auction Platform

VLBO – The Ultra High End Marketplace

Find, list, and buy top-tier NFTs

VLBO NFT Exchange

Luxury Redefined

VLBO uses a gamified quality validation mechanism which leverages the NFTY ERC-20 Token to Advocate and build buyer/seller Reputation


Find high-quality digital and physical art and collectibles from world-class creatives, carefully curated by our advocates who sift through and validate proposed auctions


List your NFT on the platform yourself or make use of our White Glove Service to help turn your vision into reality, whether you’re new to NFTs or a seasoned veteran


Promoting great art pays off. Use staked NFTY Token to ‘upvote’ NFTs that will yield the highest returns. After the NFT is sold, rewards in USDT are given to Advocates in proportion to the total NFTY they have allocated to the pool

The NIFTY DeFi Reputation Protocol powers VLBO’s first-of-its-kind discoverability engine. Click below to learn more

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