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What is VLBO?

VLBO is a peer-to-peer app for social reputation, exceptional assets, access to exclusive events, and an auction house for eternal collectibles.

On the VLBO app you can buy, sell, auction, and discover fine art, collectibles, and high-end artists. VLBO is similar to OpenSea, differentiating itself by focusing only on luxury goods, services, and events while utilizing stablecoins as the base currency, making monetization and resume building far more seamless than platforms which use assets like Ethereum as a base.

Why create a new NFT marketplace?

VLBO is primarily for established entertainers and creators, not tech-savvy crypto enthusiasts. The world suffers when creatives not producing art; VLBO streamlines the NFT minting process with a team of blockchain experts. so artists need not be tech experts. VLBO leverages the NIFTY DeFi Reputation Protocol to facilitate discoverability, enabling buyers to lean on talented curators instead of cold machine algorithms to identify excellence.

Luxury, curation, and discoverability make VLBO superior. Your work warrants appraisal by the most discerning tastemakers, so it can be auctioned to and cherished by your adoring fans. VLBO rewards excellence by incentivizing quality in creation and in judgement.

A diamond in the rough, however beautiful it may be, can go unappreciated.

Reputation is an artist’s most valuable asset, but the factors that go into maintaining and enhancing it in the real world are conspicuously absent in the NFT space. VLBO is designed to not only mimic traditional art, but give it new and eternal life. Platforms that do not vet submissions are likely to damage – or do nothing – for an artist’s reputation.

VLBO’s White Glove service is here to ensure the quality of your work is always brought to the right eyes. Other services are content to let the dice fall where they may, but we do not believe this is fair to you, your time, or your talent. VLBO is the world’s premiere NFT platform, ready for your next masterpiece.





The four pillars of VLBO set us apart from all other NFT exchanges.


The VLBO NFT Exchange is focused on very-high-end products and services. If you’re looking for a dancing pepe NFT, this is not the platform for you. Items will only be listed which have a minimum price of $1,000 USD, and are subject to vetting by our community of tastemakers prior to being opened up for bidding.

Low-quality, mass market, spammy, and fraudulent content is not tolerated.


We have cultivated a network of quality validators reflective of how reputation networks operate in the physical world. During the advocacy period after an auction is created but before it is opened for bidding, our community advocates examine each proposed auction and vote for their favorites.

These advocates are rewarded for their work with a percentage of the final auction sales price and thus have a financial incentive to only support quality products. Advocates who waste their voting power on low quality items will have less ability to support the top-tier items which sell for much higher sums.


Endorsement by our advocates doesn’t simply act as a filter to remove bad content. This process also determines the visibility and discoverability of each auction. Humans with an innate sense of subjective value determine how easily one can find a given NFT on the platform.

High quality items with more advocacy power supporting them float to the top. Lower quality items are far less prominent. This is a much harder system to rig than pure algorithmic weighting functions done by machines and AI.


Our White Glove Concierge Service is second to none. We’re here to ensure the quality of your work is always brought to the right eyes. Other services are content to let the dice fall where they may, but we do not believe this is fair to you, your time, or your talent. As the world’s premiere NFT platform, we are ready to help support the next great masterpiece.